Events  | Workshops | Vacations


  • 6th January: Open House for new admissions

  • 2nd March onwards: Introduction to Pranayama: Module 1 -

  • 9th to 13th april: Summer workshop for children

  • 11th and 12th May - Long format classes; for beginner level and intermediate level (180 mins)

15th May to 1st June - Summer Break

  • August/ September: Introduction to Yoga Sutra of Patanjali-Module 1

  • 9th June (sunday): Open House for new admissions

  • 16th June(sunday): Basic Menstrual Sequence - a workshop for women

  • August onwards: Introduction to pranayama - ongoing sessions

13th Oct to 21st Oct - Dussehra vacation

  • Practice labs will be conducted in the months of September and November

16th to 31st Dec - year-end Vacation