Can i join yoga at the practice room at any time?

Unfortunately, no. 

Our admissions are open only at certain times during the year.  New students  go through a set of  the Orientation sessions for about 3 weeks.   After the Orientation sessions, students are moved to their preferred batch at the appropriate level.  Orientation sessions are usually scheduled in January and June, and the admissions process is completed in December and April respectively.  we usually have a waiting list.  If you would like us to let you know when we admissions re-open, send us an email or a phone message. 

What do i have to do before registering for admission at the practice room?

You might have heard good things about us from your friend.  But we still want you to do your enquiry:

  • Read through the entire FAQ section, and if you have any doubts about anything at all, speak with us.

  • Attend the Open House Session which is organised as part of the admissions process.

  • Come in and observe one of our regular classes.

  • Fill up the admission form

  • Pay the fees in advance.

We insist that you do ALL of the above in order to ensure that you come into the practice room with a certain level of commitment and confidence.  We have found that this goes a long way in ensuring a more rewarding learning experience for you, and teaching experience for us. 


if you want to us to contact you when the admission open, or if you have other queries, fill the form below or call us on +91 9886788899

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