Frequently asked questions


Reasons for doing yoga: will yoga solve specific problems? 

  • Will yoga help me lose weight?

  • Will yoga increase my stamina/ strength?  Will it make me a better sportsperson/ runner/ swimmer/ footballer?

  • Will yoga help me tone my muscles/ increase flexibility?

  • Will yoga help me de-stress?

  • Is yoga therapeutic?  will yoga bring relief from my physical conditions - back pain, arthritis, thyroid problems, knee pain etc.

Who can do yoga: flexible/ stiff; old/ young; man/woman

  • Who can/ should do yoga? 

  • Is yoga only for women?

  • Is yoga only for old people?

  • Can children practice yoga? Can my child come to the yoga class with me?

  • Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

  • Do I need to have a calm personality to do yoga?

  • Do I have to be a vegetarian for doing yoga/ Do I have to be a teetotaller to do yoga?

  • Yoga originated in India.  Is it part of the Hindu religion?

  • I have a herniated lumbar disk/ a torn knee meniscus/ I have just undergone a heart surgery/ I am pregnant/ I am over 50 years old.  Can I join yoga at the practice room?

fees, times, levels & admissions

    •    Can i just drop into a class?

    •    Can i come for a trial class?

    •    Can i join yoga at the practice room at any time?

    •    What do i have to do before registering for admission at the practice room?

    •    What are the class times and fees?

    •    Which batch is better for me - the morning batch or the evening batch?

    •    What are the terms of fee payment?

    •    Are there different levels of classes at the practice room? What do the levels 'INITIATION' and 'EXPLORATION' mean?

    •    I have done yoga earlier.  Why do I need to join the Initiation Level batch or go through the Orientation sessions? Why cant I be admitted directly into a more advanced batch?

    •    How long is the yoga course?

    •    Can I learn yoga and then do it by myself?

    •    I am learning yoga at another place as well. But I want to experience Iyengar yoga.

When is it advisable to miss a class: sickness, pregnancy, menstruation, running late

  • Should I come to class if i am sick?

  • Should i come to class after a long tiring journey?

  • Should i come to class if i am tired/ sleepy?

  • Should i come to class if (for women) menstruating?

  • Should i come to class if (for women) if i am pregnant?

  • When can I re-start my practice after childbirth?

A special FAQ section for new students

  • What should i wear to class?

  • Do I need to carry my mat/ anything else to the class?

  • Should I come to class on empty stomach?

  • Is it ok to drink water during the class? Do i need to carry water bottle to the class?

  • Can i eat immediately after the class?

  • Can i take a shower after the class?

  • I have personal reasons for not saying the prayer at the start of the class.  Is that ok?

  • Can i come in late to/ leave early from the class?

  • Do i have to attend all classes?

  • What if i experience pain/ discomfort in certain asanas? Can I omit certain asanas because I do not feel comfortable doing them?

  • Do I have to stick to my batch? If I miss a class, can I make-up for it by attending a class in another batch?


Why self practice? What to do? How much?

  • Do i have to practice at home?

  • Do i have to practice everyday? When i practice, should it be for a certain minimum time?

  • What should i practice at home? What sequence should i follow?

  • What props should i have at home?

  • Do i have to read/ memorise anything?

  • As a beginner, what books should i read? What movies/ features should i watch?